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Portable generator rentals for Construction Sites, Special Events, Trade Shows, Movie Sets, or Emergency Services.



When you need immediate backup power, we are ready to help.  Our fleet of rental generators are available 24 hours a day to keep you up and running at all times.

Trust Rufnex to provide you with the highest level of service and quality equipment in the industry.



Magnum MTT20 Power-Light-Water Combo

The Generac Magnum MTT20IF4 offers 20 kW of single-phase power, four 1000W metal halide lights, and 500 gallons of water in one convenient unit. A large fuel tank with a capacity of 246 gallons delivers over four (4) days of continuous running on the job, saving time and money on labor and fuel costs. Because of the versatility of one unit offering three essential power needs, these units are perfect for the oil field and mining base camps, large remote construction and road sites, municipalities, concrete finishing, disaster relief, and much more. CSA certified.


Allmand Maxi-Lite II (LED)

The Maxi-Lite® provides best-in-class reliability and the features your team needs to get the job done. With four or six SHO-HD® light fixtures providing up to 813,000 lumens of light, and with up to 20 kW of power available, there is plenty of power to light a job site. The Maxi-Lite® comes fully equipped with an operational beacon, wheel chocks, fire extinguisher, emergency stop switch and Secondary Fixture Restraints (SFR). Additionally, the unique LSC™ automatic Light Sequence Commander® will automatically start the unit at sunset and shuts down at sunrise, or program the start/stop times to your job site needs. All this technology delivers the worry-free lighting for your team to focus on the task at hand.


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